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A dream for creatives.

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Squarespace is ideal for creating professional websites. It has the best quality designs and features on the market, and while it can take a little getting used to, the final results are worth your patience. We recommend it for those who care about design, or have a bit of technical skill.

Squarespace Review Summary

Squarespace plans start at $12/month. This website builder offers 113 templates that easily adapt to mobile devices, and its customer support live chat service is strong. Squarespace doesn’t currently offer phone support.

Squarespace offers built-in tools that support bloggers, small business owners, and creatives. G Suite and PayPal integrations are available, plus SEO tools, ecommerce functions, and easy social media integration. You don’t need any coding skills to use Squarespace, but a little technical confidence will help a lot. Squarespace’s new version, 7.1, also allows for more design customization than ever.

What are the Pros and Cons of Squarespace?


  • Stunning templates optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Squarespace mobile apps allow you to edit pages, blog posts, and ecommerce functions on-the-go
  • Ability to restore deleted posts and pages for up to 30 days


  • Can be tricky to get to grips with at first, so it’s not the fastest builder to create a website with
  • The editor can be a little too manual – for example, you’ll be prompted to save your work after each change, but it doesn’t autosave on its own

Overview of Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder designed to help creatives build their own websites and showcase their work, no matter their technical ability. Squarespace’s latest version, 7.1, makes it easier than ever to enact sitewide design changes.

Who is Squarespace best for?

Squarespace is great for photographers, artists, and anyone who loves design and wants their website to look as good as the content they’re showing off online. This is where Squarespace shines, and if you don’t have high quality images – or if you have a very text-heavy site – you may struggle to make the most of Squarespace’s visual designs.

Mostly, though, there’s something for everyone: more than 2 million people pay to keep using Squarespace after its free 14-day trial, and that’s a solid testament to the quality of results it delivers.

We carry out hours of in-depth research on every builder we write about, and Squarespace is no exception. We even got other people to use it and tell us what they thought, to make sure we’re giving you facts you actually want to know.

Before we start dishing out truths, here’s a quick overview of how Squarespace scored:

Design-Oriented Website Builder


out of 5
Ease Of Use

4 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

5 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

4.7 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4 out of 5 stars

star rating explanation graphic

This review will break down the real questions behind these scores: how easy is Squarespace to use? How good are its templates? What tools does Squarespace have? And what will it cost you?

If you’re already sold on Squarespace as a platform, but aren’t sure which plan to go for, hit the ‘Start Now’ button below. We’ll quickly cross reference your needs with the features of each plan to deliver you our recommendation:

Here’s a small selection of websites built using Squarespace, to give you an idea of just what you can do with this website builder.

Squarespace Review Video

In a rush? If you’d prefer a video breakdown of Squarespace’s features, pricing, pros, cons, designs, and more, instead of reading a long review, we’ve got you covered! Sit back and relax as we show you what Squarespace is all about, and whether it’s right for you:

squarespace logo

Does Squarespace Sound Right For You?

If you feel like Squarespace is the website builder for you after watching our video review, you can try it free for 14 days totally risk free.

Ease of Use

Using the Squarespace Editor

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website builder, but unlike other builders (such as Wix), you can’t just drag anything anywhere. It’s more section-based, which takes a little longer to get to grips with.

While Squarespace’s interface is modern and minimal, it can feel a little too clean at the start. It takes a few clicks to find the elements you’re looking for, and at times we wanted it to be more obvious where to find certain features.

That said, once you know what you’re doing, editing becomes fast and easy, and you’ll come to appreciate the uncluttered menus. The Squarespace editor becomes easier the more you use it – you’ll simply need a little time and patience to really get the most out of it.

squarespace editor example
When you want to edit any part of a page, the box outlined in red above will let you make changes to the layout, color scheme, and background image without having to actually leave the page.

Squarespace is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.

This means that your website appears in the editor exactly as it would appear once it’s published, and you see any changes happening right in front of you.

The best part is, you don’t need to know a single line of code. You can use code if you want to, but one of Squarespace’s greatest strengths is that anyone can use it to create a professional website without ever worrying about their coding skills.

This is a very straightforward way of creating a website, as you know exactly what changes you’re making as you make them. And as our user testing revealed, you won’t be left in the dark trying to build distinct pages, either:

“Squarespace offers structured content for you, so if you select a “Contact” page for example, it won’t just give you a form. It will give you multiple options regarding different fields you may want to enter and different designs to choose from to make that page.”

squarespace page layouts
In the Squarespace editor, all you have to do is select the type of page you want to create, and you’ll be presented with plenty of layout options.

How Does Squarespace Compare to Others?

However, as we’ve said, Squarespace is not 100% beginner friendly. It’s not as simple to use as Wix or Weebly, and takes longer to get used to. Whereas with Wix you can just jump straight in and get building, with Squarespace, we recommend reading some help articles first. We’ve put together a handy step-by-step guide to get you started. It’s a good idea to explore the editor to familiarize yourself, too.

Squarespace is best for people with patience, or those who have some technical confidence.

Customer Satisfaction

Our research doesn’t just mean analyzing data and comparing prices. We got everyday people to test Squarespace and tell us exactly what they thought.

Overall, Squarespace did present a challenge to our participants, but still earned some impressive scores. People responded positively when we asked them for feedback, with Squarespace’s strong templates and intuitive design drawing special praise.

When users were asked how likely they would be to recommend Squarespace, the builder scored full marks.

Here are a few things our users had to say about Squarespace:

“It effectively puts a lot together for you in one go, which is great. It looks incredible, too.”

“I would argue that the time someone puts into understanding how this product works is imperative before onboarding. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone that they could build a site with Squarespace if they wanted a site up within a couple of hours. Realistically, this is how long you would need to understand the back system and the interface to then make it a little easier.”

People mostly agreed it would take some time to learn your way around Squarespace. However, they also agreed the builder really shone when it came to design, as well as the features provided within templates.

Top tip! Not sure where to start? Give Squarespace’s clever Artificial Intelligence (AI) website builder a go. AI website builders are a great option if you’re short on time, computer skills or a little creative flair. They literally build a website for you based on the information you give them, such as the purpose of your website and your design preferences.

With Squarespace AI, after you hit ‘Get Started’, it’ll ask you for the ‘goal of your website’ (e.g. “Promote my business”). You’ll then have the option to choose from a selection of recommended templates, or Squarespace will make something bespoke for you based on your font/layout/imagery preferences. The choice is all yours. 

squarespace logo

Is Squarespace Right for You?

There’s only one way to find out if you’ll enjoy using Squarespace – and that’s by giving it a try! Head to its website to start your free trial.

Squarespace's Pricing and Value for Money

We’ll summarize Squarespace’s pricing plans here, but for an in-depth look at each plan, check out our full Squarespace Pricing Review.

Squarespace has four price plans, ranging from $12 to $40 per month (billed yearly).

All yearly plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free custom domain, and SSL Security. You unlock extra features as you upgrade, including ecommerce functions and promotional pop-ups.

The cheapest Squarespace plan is the Personal plan at $12 a month, which has website features but no ecommerce functionality. For an online store, the lowest plan is $26 a month, which includes unlimited products, no transaction fees, label printing, and more.

Available Plans

Pricing Plans Monthly Plan ($/month) Annual Plan ($/month) Savings (%)
Personal Plan $16 $12 25%
Business Plan $26 $18 31%
Ecommerce Basic Plan $30 $26 13%
Ecommerce Advanced Plan $46 $40 13%

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Website Builder Plans

Squarespace has two plans dedicated to website building (rather than creating an online store):

  • Personal plan: $12/month, billed annually – best for setting up a new website
  • Business plan: $18/month, billed annually – best for a growing business

Squarespace’s $12 per month Personal plan gives you everything you need to set up a straightforward but full-fledged website. Unlike other builders which tend to restrict the features on their starter plan, Squarespace’s Personal plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

As the name suggests, the $18 per month Business plan is best for businesses! If your website is growing and you want to start selling a few items alongside, the Business plan has everything you need to succeed.

Ecommerce Plans

If you want to really dive into selling online, you’ll need one of Squarespace’s ecommerce plans. These are specially designed for building online stores, and are the two highest price plans:

The $26 per month Basic Commerce plan is the cheapest option for setting up an online store. It has all the features from the Business plan, but removes transaction fees and adds extra ecommerce features, including POS, customer accounts, and the ability to sell on Instagram.

The Basic plan is best for setting up an online store and starting to grow your ecommerce business.

The Advanced Commerce plan is the most expensive at $40 per month, and has the most amount of features. It has all the features from the Basic Commerce plan, plus tempting extras including abandoned cart recovery, subscriptions, and advanced shipping.

Is Squarespace Good Value?

You get what you pay for with Squarespace, and in our research we found it offered pretty good value. Is it the cheapest platform available? No. Do you get great designs, features, and service for your money? Yes.

The main drawback to Squarespace’s prices is its lack of a free plan. Its actual price plans are pretty competitive when you compare them to other top website builders on the market.

Always look at the features you’re getting for your money. For example, Squarespace’s cheapest $12 per month plan gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth – in comparison, Wix’s $14/month plan only gives you 3GB storage!

While Squarespace sadly doesn’t have a free plan like some website builders, it does offer a 14-day free trial on all its paid plans – all you need is an email and password to get started.

Once you’re ready to choose a paid plan, you can save money by choosing an annual plan, or applying a discount code. There’s also a 14-day money back guarantee, so you’ll get a refund if you cancel within the first two weeks.

squarespace logo

Ready to Choose?

You can choose a pricing plan once your free trial is over. There’s absolutely no pressure to sign up – just enjoy your free trial for 14 days, risk-free.

Who is Squarespace Best For?

As we said earlier, Squarespace is the best website builder for artists, designers and anyone who wants to show off their visual work online (there’s a reason Squarespace ranks #1 on our list of the Best Photography Website Builders).

That said, there’s also a range of other functions that Squarespace websites do really well, and we’re going to review each one below.


Squarespace has a ton of built-in tools to support blogging. It’s especially effective if your blog features a lot of images – which is convenient, since 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business.

squarespace blogging
Squarespace has high quality blogging tools to support the growth of your blog. You can create a visually stunning blog using the builder’s templates.

You can support multiple contributors, sync and share with social media, and use the Blog App to manage your blog from your mobile device. There are templates especially designed for blogging, making it easy to start a blog that flourishes!

Calling All Students! If you’re a student and have a valid school email address, then you can get 50% off your first year of Squarespace. That’s any new website or online store! Check out this special student discount to learn more about Squarespace’s awesome savings (Terms and Conditions apply).
squarespace logo

Students, are you ready to save with Squarespace?

Save 50% on the first year of any Squarespace plan. Simply search for your school and have your academic email ready to claim your discount!


There are a lot of small business websites that use Squarespace – you can see a selection on Squarespace’s “Our Customer” page.

squarespace business clients
Squarespace is used by a large range of different businesses to promote, run, and grow their brands

Squarespace gives you everything you need for your business to succeed, right from day one. Not only can you use Squarespace’s designs to create a unique brand, but you have the tools to make your life as easy as possible, including:

  • Email campaigns
  • Built-in analytics
  • Ecommerce functions
  • SEO tools
  • Integrations with online tools such as G Suite and PayPal


We took a special look at how Squarespace performs for ecommerce sites, and we found it combined some really powerful features – such as its inventory system – with stunning ecommerce-specific designs. The result is a builder which makes your products shine, and gives customers a great idea of what they’re purchasing before they click the buy button.

Squarespace isn’t the best ecommerce platform out there, but it’s a top choice for small or growing stores that want a truly on-brand storefront. Squarespace’s two ecommerce plans come with useful tools automatically included, from inventory management to abandoned cart recovery.

By pairing the Squarespace Commerce app with your Square account, you can even sell offline and keep it all synced in one place. Easily take card payments on the move, and any sales will sync up with your online inventory. Check out this short video for more on how Squarespace and Square work together:

Want to sell online with Squarespace? For a full look at how this builder performs check out our Squarespace Ecommerce Review.

Want to sell online, period? Check out our guide to selling online for tips on getting started.


As you’ve probably already figured out, Squarespace is ideal if you’re creating a portfolio or photography website. All its templates are created by in-house designers, and you can customize them to your heart’s content to make them as unique as your work.

squarespace customers
Squarespace caters to a host of different clients, from restaurants to fashion designers.

Replace images, change fonts and colors, share on social media, integrate with third parties such as Adobe Creative Suite and Google Drive, and more to build a unique personal brand and establish your online presence.

Want a few tips? We’ve covered everything you need to know in our guide to starting a photography website.

What About a Scalable Website?

Squarespace offers unlimited storage and bandwidth straight away on its cheapest plan, so you don’t need to worry about running out of space. And its plans offer a healthy amount of features, meaning you shouldn’t need to upgrade too often.

Online stores can also sell unlimited products with no transaction fees, so you won’t hit a product limit as you would with some other website builders.

If you’re looking to launch an ecommerce empire, however, you may want to look at switching to a dedicated ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce to help maintain long-term growth.

Want to see more of Squarespace’s additional features? We’ve ranked the best Squarespace Extensions for easily adding more ecommerce functionality to your site.

Or, see how Squarespace compares to a top ecommerce builder with our Squarespace vs BigCommerce review.

squarespace logo

Give Squarespace a Go

Are you a blogger? A photographer? A business owner? Whatever you need a website for, Squarespace has the tools you need to succeed.

How Good are Squarespace’s Templates?

The most recent version of Squarespace is 7.1 – if you make a new website today, you’ll automatically be using this latest version. We recommend sticking to version 7.1 as this is the most recent version that Squarespace is running, so you’ll be all up to date.

However, you may see mention of version 7.0, and some people still prefer to use this version. The main difference is how the templates work. 

In version 7.0, there are different template “families” that each have unique style rules and features. You can customize these templates a lot, but if you start to dislike the underlying structure of your chosen template family, you’ll have to choose a new one.

On the other hand, all of the templates in version 7.1 are part of the same template family – but you’re offered more design freedom, to the point where you won’t need to switch template families in order to change the underlying structure of your template.

If you want to use version 7.0, scroll down to the bottom of the template library and select “Looking for templates from an earlier version?” This will take you to 7.0 version designs. Both versions cost exactly the same.

Templates Overview

Squarespace has 113 templates, which seems like a very small number compared to Wix’s 500+ templates. Squarespace goes for quality over quantity – and succeeds beautifully.

Our users weren’t just praising Squarespace’s templates for being pretty – they were impressed by the quality of features as well as the design:

“The template not only provided me with an incredible looking site, but also all the features I’d need to be successful.”

With their sleek, stylish and modern designs, all of Squarespace’s templates are created to meet its standards of “great design, usability, and performance”. All templates are free to preview and edit, as this is included in your monthly subscription.

Most of the creatives we’ve spoken to appreciate how Squarespace templates are designed to accentuate visual elements.


jeff johnson squarespace user review

“I like Squarespace’s Momentum template because it’s simple and easy to use. I don’t get bogged down with technical gimmicks because there are none. It frees me up so that I am able to work on what’s important.”

Photographer Jeff Johnson created his portfolio website with Squarespace because of its simple editor and visually engaging templates.

You can browse templates by category and industry if you like. Each template comes with features and layouts specially designed to match the industry it was made for, but you can easily switch up any template’s design and features to match your needs.

All Squarespace templates are mobile responsive, so you don’t worry about missing out on any mobile visitors (this is a major plus, since 74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites!).

squarespace logo

Do You Want a Stunning Website?

Squarespace has the best designed templates on the market. Take a look for yourself and see if it’s got the template to inspire you.

Design Customization

Squarespace’s templates are highly flexible, meaning you can easily make them your own – you can replace images, add and delete sections, enter text, and manage multiple pages at once.

While it’s not a “pure” drag-and-drop builder, you can drag certain elements around, and can reformat the image layout by changing your design settings – for example, by creating a collage or making images overlap.

Heads up: Hi-res images

One thing to note about Squarespace is that it assumes you have high resolution photos to fill the large image blocks that dominate most of its templates. These are what make these designs so visually impressive, and if you don’t have high-quality images to fill the templates, you might struggle.

If you don’t have your own photos, Squarespace has a partnership with Getty images, so you can search through stock pictures for ones to use. Some are free, while others (usually more professional snaps) cost around $10 each.

For those of you with some coding knowledge, you can go the extra mile and use those skills to tailor fonts, colors, and backgrounds for a truly unique style. Squarespace recommends only using custom code for more cosmetic changes like these, as trying to edit the layout of your site could have harmful effects.

Even without code, you can customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, images, text, and headings. You can add pages, manage your menu structure, and more. Squarespace’s aim is to help creative ideas succeed – so it makes sense for you to have the freedom to express your own style in its templates.

squarespace logo

Get Creative!

Browse Squarespace’s designer templates, pick your favorite, then make it yours by customizing it with your own creative choices.

Further Information

Squarespace’s Tools

Squarespace’s version 7.1 has added a new Design panel, which makes it super simple to make sitewide changes to colors, fonts, and spacing. Version 7.1 also lets you add pre-built sections to any page, to create custom layouts out of text, images, and media.

That said, many features – including marketing and SEO – remain the same between versions 7.0 and 7.1.

Social Media Integration

Squarespace makes it easy to share the joy by linking accounts from over 20 social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Sync with Dropbox for simple access to photo collections, or import content straight to your site from Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can even host your own podcast on your Squarespace website, and publish it to Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

As well as this, you can feature social feeds on your website, making it easy for visitors to keep track of your updates all in one place.

SEO & Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is what gets your website ranking higher in search results.

Squarespace has good SEO, and its pages all follow SEO best practices. It gives you the tools to make the most of what’s there, such as managing your titles and adding keywords and alt text.

However, Squarespace isn’t the most beginner-friendly when it comes to SEO, so beginners will need to be prepared to adopt a hands-on approach to their site’s ranking. There are guides to help you in Squarespace’s support pages, which offer a very thorough introduction to SEO. This might seem a little overwhelming for beginners, so make sure to take some time to read through it all.

When it comes to marketing, you can either integrate MailChimp, or use Squarespace’s all-in-one platform Email Campaigns to run – you guessed it – email campaigns.

squarespace marketing tools
Squarespace’s marketing tools let you reach more people and grow your website’s audience

This in-house system is a great way of unifying your brand across all aspects of your website, from your homepage to your marketing messages.

Combine this with SEO tools and social media integration, and the internet will really have to sit up and pay attention.

Squarespace Extensions

Although the majority of Squarespace’s features come built into its platform, it also has an app store in case you want to add any extra features. In the Squarespace Extensions store you’ll find 24 carefully chosen third-party apps (or ‘plugins’) designed to help you manage, grow, and optimize your site.

squarespace extensions
Squarespace Extensions is Squarespace's app store, where you can add third-party integrations to your site.

Squarespace’s plugins are split into four main categories:

  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Finance
  • Inventory and Products
  • Sales and Marketing

You’ll find a mix of free and paid apps including Printful, Quickbooks, ShipStation, and TaxJar – so although the selection isn’t huge, you should find enough to give your website a boost!


Your domain name is the website address people use to find you – for example, ours is websitebuilderexpert.com. You can easily buy a domain from Squarespace, or connect your own domain if you already have one.

You get a free domain for a year if you sign up to an annual paid plan. This is only free for the first year – after that, your domain will renew at the standard rate.

squarespace domains
Registering your domain through Squarespace is quick and easy. Type in your website name and find an available domain, then proceed to checkout.

Domain prices vary between $20 and $70 per year – this is more expensive than you’d pay for a domain from a third-party, but you’re paying for the convenience of registering it in-house. More specific domains such as example.legal or example.salon are more expensive than basic domains like example.com.

For more information, you can read our domain name guide, or check out our full explanation of domain name costs.
squarespace logo

Is Your Domain Still Available?

Don’t miss out by waiting to secure your domain. Head to Squarespace’s website to check if your perfect domain is available!


All Squarespace and third-party domains come with free SSL certificates when connected to your Squarespace site.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and encrypts any information entered through your website. This makes it extremely important for sites which process payments, such as online stores.

Squarespace has built-in security to fight off malware or unwanted bugs, and DDoS Protection helps protect your site from malicious traffic. (DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, an attack whereby your site is flooded with traffic to make it unavailable to its users.)

Squarespace doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself – it has quality protection in place to keep your website safe.

Backups & Restores

Unfortunately, Squarespace doesn’t include autosave in its editor. This puts the responsibility on the user to remember to hit ‘save’ regularly. It seems a pretty basic feature to include in its editor, so we’re unsure why Squarespace doesn’t autosave for you.

However, Squarespace does let you restore deleted pages and blog posts up to 30 days after they’ve been deleted – so no need to panic! Squarespace makes backup copies of your website and stores them in primary and secondary servers, as well as storing files in physical and off-site storage disks.

And if you’re editing on the go from your phone, you won’t lose your work if the internet cuts out. They really have thought of everything!

Event Planning

In 2019, Squarespace acquired the online booking platform Acuity Scheduling. The Squarespace Scheduling feature was then launched in early 2020. Squarespace Scheduling builds all of Acquity’s features into your Squarespace account, which means it’s super simple for your site visitors to book appointments and classes, displayed by the times that you’re available.

squarespace event planning feature
Squarespace Scheduling is a powerful feature for small business or professional websites.
squarespace logo

What Do You Think of Squarespace's Tools?

If you want to get an even better look at Squarespace’s features, click the button below – you can explore, learn more, or give it a try for free.

Squarespace's Help and Support

Squarespace comes third in our research for help and support, earning a 4.0/5. This number comes from Squarespace’s small, but high quality range of support options:

  • Live chat Monday to Friday
  • 24/7 social media support via Twitter
  • 24/7 email support
  • In-depth knowledge base
  • Community forum
  • Video tutorials

So, you might be wondering, why doesn’t Squarespace get a perfect 5/5? That’s because this builder doesn’t currently offer phone support, which is an important factor for some. Despite this, we still rate Squarespace for its customer care – especially its incredibly in-depth knowledge base.

squarespace review knowledge center

The Squarespace knowledge base comes packed with articles, guides, and video tutorials. You can even sign up for webinars or join in discussions on the community forum.

We definitely recommend checking the knowledge base first, as you’re highly likely to find your answer without needing the live chat or email support at all.

Squarespace Review: Summary

Squarespace is a powerful website builder with high quality features and some of the best template designs we’ve ever seen. It’s a strong all-rounder that delivers on ecommerce features as well as website tools.

Our biggest problem with Squarespace is its ease of use. While it’s easy to use once you’ve spent some time exploring its editor, it’s not instantly beginner-friendly. This means it’s not the quickest way to publish a website – it takes some time and thought. We also wish there was an autosave feature.

That said, we do whole-heartedly recommend Squarespace. It wowed us and our research participants during testing, and received an impressively high “likely to recommend” score from our users.

Overall, we recommend Squarespace to anyone wanting a beautiful, feature-packed website without needing coding skills. You won’t have a website in minutes, but the amount of creative freedom and in-house tools more than make up for it.

You will need a minimum of $12 per month to run your Squarespace website, as there’s no free plan. Still, you can try it free for 14 days to make sure it’s right for you before committing to a paid plan. You can also apply a discount code – enter WBE at checkout to save 10%!

squarespace logo

Are You Ready to Try Squarespace?

Squarespace is ideal for creatives, with stunning designs and powerful tools. But is it right for you? Find out by jumping on its 14-day free trial!

Squarespace Alternatives to Try

If you try Squarespace’s 14-day free trial and find it’s not for you, check out these alternative website builders (click on the links to read each builder’s full review):

  • Wix – easier to use than Squarespace, but its designs aren’t as good
  • Weebly – cheaper starting price than both Wix and Squarespace, good for small businesses
  • Site123 – very basic builder, but great live chat support
  • Strikingly – ideal for one-page websites, and offers great value
  • WordPress.com – amazing blogging features and cheap starter price

Squarespace FAQs

Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan, meaning you have to sign up to one of its four premium plans. However, Squarespace does offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try out the website builder and all of its features before committing to a paid plan.

Squarespace has four premium plans. The cheapest is the Personal plan, starting at $12 a month (billed annually). The Business plan is $18 a month, with more advanced features than the Personal plan. The two ecommerce plans are the Basic plan at $26 a month, and the Advanced plan at $40 a month.
Read our Squarespace Pricing Review for a full breakdown of how to choose the right price plan for you.

Squarespace Offer Code

Squarespace isn’t the cheapest website builder out there, but the level of customization and professional designs available means you’re paying for a high quality service. You can save money by signing up to a yearly plan – plus check out our official Squarespace offer code for a discount.

Squarespace currently supports six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can create multilingual sites by creating different pages for each language.

Yes! Squarespace is not a specialized ecommerce builder like Shopify, but it does offer great ecommerce features which are integrated into its professional template designs. These features include a built-in shopping cart, unlimited products, and the ability to sell physical, digital and service-based products. Read our in-depth Squarespace ecommerce Review for more details.

Yes! Squarespace has all the standard SEO tools built in to help your page rank in search results, such as title tags, keyword targeting, and mobile friendly pages. But Squarespace also goes the extra mile, allowing you to customize your website title to be different from your URL (among other inspired touches).

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