Best Ways to Reach Squarespace Customer Service

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These days – despite all the modern technology at our disposal – contacting a company for support isn’t all that simple. Gone are the days where you’d just pick up the phone and start talking; now, there’s any number of ways to reach out to a customer service team.

Below, we’re unpacking all the different ways you can get in touch with prominent website builder Squarespace. During the process of creating and maintaining your online presence, you’ll need help and support. That could be for your site’s design, features, integrations, and more – but before you reach for your cell, you’ll want to know which point of contact is right for your request.

Whether that’s email, live chat, Twitter, or an automated article suggestion bot, we’re covering all the best ways to reach Squarespace’s customer service team. Read on to find the one that’s best for you!



Squarespace offers dedicated email support, available 24/7. Simply reach out to, or – alternatively – go through Squarespace’s ‘Contact Customer Support’ page, which looks like this:

Squarespace Contact Customer Support page screenshot

Select the button that reads ‘Squarespace’, then – providing you’re already logged in – you’ll be directed to a small dropdown menu, where you can select the specific issue you’re grappling with.

Squarespace support dropdown menu screenshot

You’ll then be presented with another dropdown list, which allows you to further hone down your enquiry, after which Squarespace will offer you a range of articles that should solve your issue.

Squarespace recommended articles screenshot

If these suggestions don’t work for you, you’ll have the option to get in touch with Squarespace’s email support, or take the live chat route instead.

Squarespace email and live chat support buttons screenshot

Normally, email-based support isn’t the fastest. Typically, live chat is always the quickest, most efficient (and most personal!) route to getting in touch with a company – in the absence of phone support, at least. But Squarespace’s email support has one key advantage over its live chat counterpart – namely, that it’s available 24/7.

Still, Squarespace’s live chat is excellent. In Squarespace’s own words:

“We’ve received feedback that live chat support is similar to talking on the phone, as it involves real-time conversation.”

With that in mind, we’d still recommend live chat if you’re contacting Squarespace within the hours it operates. If it’s the middle of the night, though – and you need customer support, now – email is your best bet.


Live Chat

Squarespace’s live chat tool allows you to get support in real time, via an online conversation with one of Squarespace’s support agents. Think Facebook (or, if you’re a little more well-seasoned, MSN) Messenger.

Squarespace live chat screenshot

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Squarespace’s live chat tool is the simplest, most direct route to obtaining quick, helpful customer support. Unlike the website builder’s email-based support, Squarespace’s live chat isn’t available 24/7 – or at weekends. But during sensible hours on weekdays, we’d suggest making Squarespace your go-to avenue for expeditious customer service.


Support Assistant

The Squarespace Support Assistant is an automated tool which you can access by clicking the small icon (it’s shaped like a question mark within a speech box) in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open a window with Squarespace’s automated chatbot, which – after a brief salutation – will proceed to offer up a number of suggestions for recommended reading, to help you with your issue.

Squarespace Support Assistant suggested articles screenshot

While the Squarespace Support Assistant looks a lot like a live chat feature, there’s a crucial distinction between the two:

  • Squarespace’s live chat feature is operated by a real person – there’s an actual customer service representative sitting behind a keyboard somewhere, typing back to you
  • The Squarespace Support Assistant is fully automated – there’s no actual human responding. Instead, the Support Assistant will ‘ask’ you questions, and provide links to the articles and guides most relevant to your issue

We find the Squarespace Support Assistant most handy for general, less technical requests. If you’re confident that there’s an existing article or document in Squarespace’s library to handle your request, the Support Assistant is a much quicker way of getting you there than, say, rummaging through Squarespace’s knowledge base yourself.

Plus, you can open up the Support Assistant from anywhere on Squarespace’s site, in a click. Better still, your ‘conversation’ will stay open in a collapsible window, so there’s no chance of you losing it while navigating through the site.


Twitter Using @SquarespaceHelp

Unlike some of its competitors – notably, Wix and Shopify – Squarespace has not only a main Twitter account, but a separate one set up solely to provide customer support.

SquarespaceHelp Twitter account screenshot

To seek support via this avenue, simply login to your Twitter account and create a Tweet outlining your issue (in necessarily brief terms!), tagging @SquarespaceHelp in the process. Someone will respond to you in quick time, and may reach out to you directly to request more information, or provide some article suggestions.

In other social media news, Squarespace also maintains presences across all the major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, the actual customer support Squarespace provides through these channels is limited.

Unlike most other website builders – Wix, Zyro, and GoDaddy among them – Squarespace doesn’t offer the ability to strike up a live chat via Facebook Messenger. While this is never going to be a dealbreaker – high quality live chat support is, of course, available through Squarespace’s website – it does suggest that there’s some room for Squarespace to improve in this area.


Why Phone Support is Not Available

Despite the plethora of ways to reach Squarespace customer service, phone support isn’t one of them.

While those of a more traditional leaning might be disappointed with this, the reasoning behind Squarespace’s decision to not offer phone support is a good one – in fact, Squarespace has dedicated a whole page on its site to explaining it:

We don’t offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective help over the phone. We keep our support online for a few reasons:

  • We can instantly view your website, account activity, system details, and other information so we can troubleshoot effectively.

  • Building a website is a visual process. We frequently ask you to send us screenshots, videos, and links to help us see what you’re seeing. We can also send you screenshots and videos to guide you in the right direction.

  • It’s faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold.

  • Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We’ll always have access to previous tickets so you won’t have to repeat questions.

And let’s face it – with the quality of Squarespace’s 24/7 email and Twitter support, plus its live chat assistance throughout the week, phone-based support on top isn’t all that necessary.

However, if Squarespace’s lack of phone-based support is a sticking point for you, other website builders – such as Wix – do offer a callback service. To find out more about the range of ways Wix helps out its client base, check out our guide to the best ways to contact Wix customer support.


Top Tips For Contacting Squarespace Customer Service

Now we’ve covered all the different ways you can reach Squarespace customer service, let’s explore our top tips for doing it:

Be Specific With Your Request

When you submit your request to Squarespace, the vaguer you are, the vaguer – and less helpful – the response you receive will be.

With that in mind, try and be as specific as possible with what you’re asking for. Describe your issue precisely, and be clear about your desired outcome and timeframe. Of course, being precise doesn’t mean you have to over-complicate things, and tie your words up in knots with technical terms or incomprehensible jargon.

Keep things clear and specific, and you can’t go wrong.

Include Screenshots and a Recording – If Possible

Being clear about your request is only half of it, though. The other half involves providing cold, hard evidence to back up your request.

If possible, grab screenshots that demonstrate the issue you’ve been having. Pictures, of course are worth a thousand words – and it’s likely that any screen captures you can take will describe the problem far more concisely than your words will.

The same goes for videos. Taking a recording of the process you’re having difficulty with will go a long way towards your Squarespace support agent getting to the bottom of the issue – fast. This is a particularly good idea for more complex pitfalls, where screengrabs and static images alone don’t tell the full story.

Be Prepared to Be Verified!

When you reach out to one of Squarespace’s support staff, you’ll generally have to verify that you’re the site owner before they can start dishing out advice.

This process is completely normal, and is there to protect the safety and integrity of your Squarespace account. To smooth things along, it’s wise to ensure that you’re logged into your account before questing out support, and – if you are asked for further verification that you’re the site owner – to have answers to your account’s security questions (or some ID) at the ready.

All in all, this isn’t a massive issue – but it’s still one that’s worth being prepared for.

Contacting Squarespace Customer Service: Summary

So, how can you contact Squarespace’s customer support team? Let us count the ways:

  • Email. Available around the clock, this is the most reliable way of contacting Squarespace’s customer service crew
  • Live chat. Though they’re only online during weekdays, Squarespace’s live chat support agents are friendly and efficient
  • Squarespace Support Assistant. This automated bot helps you locate articles relevant to your issue or inquiry
  • Twitter. Simply include the handle @SquarespaceHelp in a Tweet describing your problem, and someone will get back to you

That’s it from us! If you haven’t quite had your Squarespace fill for today, be sure to make the acquaintance of our Squarespace review, or – for a more in-depth look at the website builder’s usability and intuitiveness – explore our guide to how to use Squarespace.

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